It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Richard Thurston. A staunch former club member and chairman.

Our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.




Scale steering trial runs will be held at the event day. Anyone interested in taking  part please contact

David Southernwood on the day.


Welcome to the Club 

We are the Norwich Model Boat Club and meet at the Boating Pond in Eaton Park.

The club covers Yachts, Model boats and Trucks.

This pond is one of the largest model sailing ponds in the UK and was built in 1922. The splendid grounds of the park and its building make a spectacular backdrop to the club activities.

The club house is a masterpiece of 20's architecture and features 2 rooms for maintenance works and a large club room overlooking the pond.

Racing for various class of yachts  takes place on Saturday mornings from 9:30am - 3pm, please see CALENDAR in USEFUL INFO page for class dates.

There are free sailing days (no races held) where all class of yachts are welcome .

Model boats sail on Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 3pm

The club - despite its name - does not only focus on boats! We have a very active membership of RC  Trucks - These are shown and driven on Sundays with the model boats. Please see Trucks page for more info. As mentioned, these are run on the pathway next to the sailing pond.

Regatta/open days are also held at regular intervals throughout the year, where all types of model boats, yachts and trucks are on show. The static displays are worth seeing but nothing beats seeing the models on the water and the trucks driving on the pathways.

Check the events page for info regarding these events.

The club also travels too many shows and events around the county and beyond to show our model boats, yachts and Trucks, so keep an eye out for us.  Again, please check the events page for more info.

Club Facilities

  • 2 workshops for members use
  • Club house for meetings and refreshments with internet access for club members - overlooking the pond
  • Disabled access and toilet on ground floor

The club meets:

  • Saturday (9:30 - 3pm)- RC Yachts and yacht racing
  • Sunday (9:30 - 3pm) -Model boats and trucks.
  • Wednesday pm -Fast electric racing.


RC YACHT Classes raced:

Check CALENDAR page for dates (2 class per week)

  • Marble Heads
  • 1 Meter (I.O.M.)
  • DF95
  • DF65
  • Wee Nips
  • Starlets



NEW MEMBERS  WELCOME... See CONTACT page for more info.